As a native of Denver, Colorado, Michael brings with him a well documented background in the consulting industry to Platinum Business Coaching. Real estate & business management and growth, luxury homes and investments are the strong points of his 30 year career in business. As a former public speaker for the largest national real estate company, he has logged thousands of public speaking hours. Michael likes the people of business and making business come together. His enthusiasm for business is a great addition to Platinum Business Coaching and the success of the company and the business partners around the United States. Considered a great motivator, Michael likes to see a smile on the faces of the clients he inspires and the people he teaches and coaches and he likes to have fun.

When Michael isn’t helping people grow their personal business, you can find him behind the wheel of a dirt track modified race car speeding away to victory circle or coaching his son’s sports. He also enjoys family time, golf, Harley motorcycle riding, scuba diving, horses, travel and snow skiing in the Rocky Mountains.


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